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by natgeo http://ift.tt/1ukQKEd // Photo by @haarbergphoto (Orsolya Haarberg) Clouds illuminated by the setting Sun look like fire on the top of Mt #Spijkka in the #Sarek National Park in World Heritage #Laponia in #Sweden. Last week Erlend Haarberg and I spent four days on the neighbouring mountain top at 1900m, where we could place our tent on a small patch of fresh snow. Most of the time we were surrounded by thick clouds, but each day the cloud cover would broke up for a couple of minutes, showing us a glimpse of the majestic view. @thephotosociety #naturephotography #landscapephotography

by workhardened http://ift.tt/1t0JrnQ // My friend Caitlin’s (@mister_caitlin) show, Interhaven, opens this evening @paradigmgs (746 S 4th St. Phila.). Her lattice remains of creatures great and small, fill the room with an overwhelming yet quiet resonance. If you are close to Philly, the show is a must see. #caitlinmccormack #interhaven #rehearsalforextinceanatomies